Pactum offers modern debt collection solutions in 20+ countries.
Digital, whitelabel and omni-channel processes, focusing on smart segmentation and behavioral science methods will drive your recovery management to a new level. We are data driven, we monitor everything real-time and we let AI and Human Intelligence drive our performance.
Receivable management
Portfolio management
Portfolio purchase
Receivable management

We understand there may be times individuals or companies could face financial challenges. For such situations we offer feasible, amicable solutions putting them to the right path in no time and thus improving your cash flow position. We offer a world of possibilities including white label solutions to manage your accounts receivables from pre-arrears onwards.

Customers are the lifeblood of our client’s business, and they need to be offered modern-day solutions that are interactive and encourage self-service. Understanding the fundamentals of behavioral economics of customers  coupled with our modern techniques and technology, enable us to make the best offer to each case and redefining the experience from a negative, anxious one to one that brings a sense of satisfaction and stress relief.

  • We offer tailor-made solutions with the aim of reaching a mutual agreement
  • Due dates reminder and monitoring services
  • Modern and effective debt collections solutions
  • Full knowledge of the financial situation of the customers
  • Omni-channel communication & customer segmentation ensuring high levels of contractability and engagement
  • Improvements on NPL portfolio condition
  • We ensure your brand status and satisfaction remain high through positive Cx
  • We guarantee confidentiality fully securing personal data
Portfolio management

Pactum as a master servicer offers a wide range of tools and solutions for receivables management whether on your behalf as the partner or also on ours. We count on modern, digital tools to manage our process and advanced analytics as well as coverage across all of Europe.

We have a robust internal platform that can handle efficiently all processes and additionally, we can leverage it with our pool of external DCAs (debt collection agencies) panel, ensuring we cover anything from amicable and legal activities with the best prospect of success. The level of sophistication of our receivables management model is such that it will add immediate value to your overall strategy and operational transactions.

Why choose Pactum?

  • For optimal debt management with exceptional resources
  • We centralize all information through a unique technology infrastructure
  • Advanced analytics and segmentation leading data driven decisions
  • We work on debt management plans which allow customers to pay off their debts at a rate they can afford
  • We do more than typical debt collection offering end-to-end service from the early, amicable stage through to court and bailiff procedures
Portfolio purchase

Seeking repayment from non-paying customers can get very costly and time-consuming, that’s why we offer to buy your non-performing loans. By selling such portfolios can bring immediate improvements to your liquidity and stops writing off debt as well as additional benefits to your clients as we are able to work with them on more flexible repayment terms.

At Pactum we can offer tailor-made plans that are calibrated to each consumer’s ability to pay.

Why selling NPL receivables is a benefit?

  • Selling portfolio increases liquidity
  • Reduces the costs of reaching the customer for repayment
  • Reducing losses from non-performing debt
  • Minimizes bad debt losses and expenses in accounts
  • The indebted party also benefits through new payment options