We have a state of the art platform that is driven by AI and advanced analytics enabling us to make the best decisions at the right time. This modern and sophisticated approach is setting a new standard in the receivable and portfolio management industry.

Collection Technology
Data & Analytics
Experienced team
in Berlin

The solution

  • contract
  • team
  • IT/setup
  • price
  • Europe, from Berlin

Our approach

  • We utilize AI to optimize
    client communication processes
  • Focus on long-term relationships
    and brand protection
  • Refinancing
    and payment plans
  • Understanding of
    local procedures
    and behaviour
  • Smart segmentation

  • Extensive repayment
    options anywhere in Europe
  • Real-time monitoring
    on customer reactions
    and payments
  • We have Big Data
    from 20+ countries
  • Iterative
    content management

The future

In-house & Third Party



Focus on digital communication & process optimization by AI
  • Big Data &
    Advanced Analytics
    (Data driven
    decision making)
  • Best Client
    (Customer engagement)

    Consumer segmentation & profiling | optimal communication channel and timing | correct use of language for each consumer triggering higher engagement

  • Communication Channels (Digital & Traditional)

    Omni-channel, two way communication tools are enabled and powered by AI as well as the classic ones such as phone calls and letters.

  • Settlements (multiple payment methods)

    From digital payment platforms to bank transfers, we offer a wide range of payment options.

Amicable Collection
Late Collection
Legal Collection